We all want healthy, thriving communities. We need the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to prioritize us, not polluting industries.


TCEQ’s up for what’s called a “sunset review.” It’s like a performance evaluation. Every 12 years, Texas takes a hard look at every state agency. This year, we have the chance to make the changes we want happen. Here are three ways you can get involved.

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"No one should have to worry about breathing polluted air or fear another chemical fire. We need TCEQ to keep the disasters from happening and do what it takes to hold polluters accountable when they break the law."

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Why We Need TCEQ to Work


Past sunset reviews have led to important changes in Texas, including increased fines and an online system for everyone to see when polluters break the law. These stories show the issues that remain and how TCEQ can change for the better.